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Monday, August 17, 2020

Urban Flight 2020 - Welcoming Transplants to Your Community

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Millions are fleeing broken cities. It's not reported much, but Chicago, NYC, Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle...people are saving their skins by leaving in droves. It is the result of a perfect trifecta of Covid-19, Riots + City Mismanagement, and emerging Online Opportunities. These cities are losing their tax base. They are going where YOU live.


I think of 3 small towns where I moved to:
Scottsbluff, NE was immediately inviting.
Las Cruces, NM took some time, but I was eventually allowed to take part in the community.
Carrollton, GA where I was treated as an outsider from day one through two years.
I bring this up because patriots, those who love this country and our freedoms, have to be wondering how the map will be re-drawn. Will the leftists move to small towns just to bring their communist-leaning votes with them? Or will they join in a resurgence of pride, values, and good living?
Remains to be seen. But some advice. Don't go being pushy. Don't act like they are heathens for not joining your church, but don't hold them at arm's distance from community affairs either.
Do what comes most naturally.
Take them a welcome basket. Help if you see them unpacking or later working on their car. Ask how their kids are enjoying their new school, invite them to a chamber event or better hunting, fishing, to the local diner or to the gym. Everyone wants to contribute, so learn what they are good at and maybe you or someone you know has a use for that.
Simply, invite them into the community without being preachy. Lead by example. YOUR BETTER LIFE IS WHY THEY ARE THERE TO BEGIN WITH. There's a thin line between being pushy and holding people off. Remember - they are coming out of VIOLENT, DYSFUNCTIONAL, and UTTERLY DANGEROUS communities and often distrustful, even cynical.
The aloofness they might portray is LEARNED - anyone kind to them in their old was probably trying to take advantage or even harm them somehow, so practice patience.
Be welcoming while giving them space to grow as part of your community.