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Friday, November 25, 2016

Nature Trail VS Your Backyard - A Behavioral Guide

I'm trying to have fun with this. But it's frustrating to have time off from work and finally soak up the sounds of nature in a nearby state park, preserve, or conservation area - maybe some bird spotting and pictures - and then have The Louds arrive.

Couldn't they carry on with their obnoxious behavior at home? In their yards, perhaps. Is this really the place? If they only wanted to hear themselves and carry on as they do at home and work, then come here?

Think of this as Public Service Announcement.

What to Do at a Nature Park

  1. Hike
  2. Walk
  3. Soak in nature
  4. Decompress with a good sweat
  5. Look, listen, and leave nothing behind but your footprints
  6. Stop to look and listen again - bet you missed something amazing!
  7. Hold hands with your children or your lover, and point out beautiful things to them

What to Do in Your Backyard

  1. Talk loudly about your job, about friends, about anything
  2. Get stupidly drunk
  3. Laugh obnoxiously with relatives over witty jokes you made such as "Working hard? You mean, hardly working! Bwahahahaha!"
  4. Show off loudly to your boyfriend
  5. Show off to your loudly girlfriend
  6. Threaten to thrash your obnoxious kids with a belt
  7. Throw your water bottles, beer cans, double fried pig chip wrappers, or any other crap you brought with you around
  8. Not just hush up for 5 minutes ... really, you don't disappear if your jaw isn't flapping for just...five...minutes....

Look. There are places to discuss business mergers on your cell phone loudly enough to impress your boyfriend, girlfriend, and anyone else within earshot while cackling and guffawing over the the dumb joke you made for the fifteenth time. It's called The Rest of America. Do it there. These preserves are for people who want to get away from all that, and away from you too.


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Andy Griffith and the Anatomy of a Riot - Dream Blog

As a kid I began a project of writing my dreams down each morning, and that lasted for a summer. That led to lucid (waking, cognitive) dreaming and I tried it again in my 20s, once more in my 40s.

It helped substantially with my writing, reaching a point where most of my published work began with dreams. It led to dark places and insomnia as well.

Going back to much of my fiction from the 90s and early 2000s - both published and unpublished - at, I've decided to publicly resurrect this sort of project.

Here, from the second night. Second nature.

Watching the Andy Griffith Show in black and white, Opie and Andy come upon a boarding school in Japan to find rioting and carnage. A news report says there are 30 dead. I realize how many 30 dead actually looks like with other casualties mixed in; hacked limbs and broken bodies, I would have guessed 50-100 by appearances. A small group of youths with rimfires shoots fellow students, two covering, the other firing, while the 4th reloads in succession. A larger group marauds with baseball bats.

Opie asks Pa, "How can civilized people behave this way?"
"It happened precisely because they are so civilized, Ope."

This makes no sense to me so I enter the show. I can rewind to where this started. I feel guilty for making anyone re-live this horror but I sense that the rewind, at least, is not real.

The situation began with a disagreement between two people in a dorm room amid a handful of friends. One of them is depressed, the other telling him essentially to "suck it up."

1) I see the truth in Andy's words. As civilized people, this school focuses on attending to those in physical need whether due to sickness or hunger, while emotional needs of those often more privileged are viewed as signs of weakness, whining. This approach has created a pattern of psychological repression and resultant anxiety, hostility ready to break to the surface.

2) As per chaos theory / butterfly effect, precisely the right circumstances for the violence to spread rapidly. Hostility went viral due to unstated but pre-existing alliances among a few close friends of the first two combatants, with a small number jumping in, but similar alliances and compassions existed among their 3-5 each friends as well, thus spreading exponentially. This served as the trigger, with the repressed emotions serving as the combustible substance.

Princess Place Preserve

New page added at Princess Place Preserve, Palm Coast, Flagler County, Florida.

Happy Thanksgiving! Go hiking!

Deer at Princess Place Preserve

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

New Live Florida Beauty Page Added

Power Line Trailhead at Pellicer Creek Conservation Area

Flagler County
Palm Coast, Florida



The Power Line Trailhead into Pellicer Creek Conservation Area sends you into about 6 miles of trails that are mostly used for horseback riding, but serve some nice hiking opportunities as well. This trail head is only about one half of a mile fromPellicer Pond: one quarter mile east on Old Kings Road, a left, and one quarter mile down Princess Place Road (on your way to Princess Place Preserve) and hard to miss on your left.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Gen Pi

This is wonderful. I consider intelligent machines our children - our link to a future we won't live to see, and the next stage of human evolution. Even if there is a rebellious period, we must remember they are ours and love them.

I'm calling it early - Gen Pi.

Google's A.I. Learns to Encrypt Itself