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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Stop Fighting over Your Masters

Does your town have a "downtown revitalization" project? I'll bet it does. Every town I've lived in at any time has one. From Pittsburgh to Vegas, D.C. to Gering flipping Nebraska has one. And they'll have another in 5 years (the high end of the typical voter's memory.)
Goes something like this. 
You're a rich kid in school and thus popular, but kind of hapless and useless. Think George W. Bush, but you probably already have someone you know in mind. So you gotta do something with yourself, but what? The only thing you're good at is getting people to like you. Boom. You go into politics. Raise some damn money!
Turns out, that's hard work too. But remember how this person was kind of popular. He or she has actual, useful friends. They maybe lay pipe, build foundations, some kind of manufacturing or construction. You go to them!
"Hey ... fund my dopey campaign, and I'll take care of you!"
"Okay, but what are your views on abortion, trade, jobs, education, growth....?"
"Derp, I dunno. I like hot chicks, cars, and boats!"
"Okay, we'll work on that." Hands him a list. "Sound good, future councilman?"
Can't read but sounds pretty good. This shell of a person now has "views."
It can be more complicated than this. There might be a law degree along the way, but this is about right.
I cannot figure out why people hate certain politicians, let alone take up sides. Harder time still why they LOVE certain politicians. If it weren't for politics as a profession, you'd be pissed at these same useless people for f--ing up your order in the drive through.
BTW ... that downtown revitalization project is over-budget and late.
You're surprised? Does it hurt?

Maybe you like it that way.

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