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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Philip Glass Does Vegas

One last Philip Glass memory.
So living in Vegas - somewhere between the first and tenth time, swear nowhere sucks me in like Vegas or Albuquerque - I was 24. Had a great Platonic relationship with a gal from Jersey. Already, to anyone who knows me and can do math, none of this makes any freaking sense.
But she was cool, into Warhol, had just met a nice Mormon guy ... maybe MC Hammer was singing "Can't Touch This" at the time.
She and a friend came over. They'd dropped acid, or whatever sold as such at the time. I'm going to guess the Mormon boyfriend did not know about this.
They were kind of silly and wanted to head to the strip. (I kind of liked the blonde friend too, come to think of it.)
The strip is weird enough without two girls on acid, so I put on coffee and a movie.
Hey! Let's experiment! People on any kind of reality or drug make great experiments, and I went with Koyaanisquatsi. Surprise, they grooved on it! ;-)
What always stuck with me was during this really long bit, that went with all the ridiculous patterns of life in the city, totally frantic and frenetic, my friend, Platonic friend, Jamie, totally calm now, coffee on her breath, her arm around me and her friend asleep (nope, that wasn't acid), turned and looked me in the eyes for a long time - apparently not long enough for a kiss or I'm just slow - and said:
I don't care what this movie says. New York City is still beautiful.
Gah-lee, she was beautiful and smart.

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