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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Philip Glass - Delicious, Nerdy, Musical Fun

For a lot of reasons. One being that it's very rare that anyone I like makes the news without dying or holding up a liquor store.

Here's a fun one. My favorite memory of Philip Glass isn't the time I heard him live plunking on the piano in FL (the audience GROANING and LAUGHING when he repeated a stanza - sorry, I don't know musical terms, so I think in words and organization of words - for the 20th time ... that was actually a beautiful meditation, groans and laughs included which helped prepare me for life) but the time I did NOT hear him.

1985. Record shop. Must've just gotten my drivers license. I was at ye olde record store at the mall, doing my usual. Reading every production note on every album cover I could, weighing that against total play time (always looking for value) and deciding between Philip Glass Glassworks and something by Vangelis.

I went with Vangelis because the tipping point was "Heaven and Hell" on the Cosmos (Carl Sagan days) soundtrack. Safe choice - he had to be listenable.

Don't remember the name of the Vangelis album for sure, but it might have been Albedo 0.39 - a reference to Earth's visible light (2nd hand) radiation (or absorption, however you look at it.)
I still consider Glass' work more of a new take on Baroque than "Minimalism" but hey - that's just splitting hairs. This is really nice. How often does something I love trend between riots and pics of Kardashian's butt?

I've been a fan of Glass ever since that day I did not buy his album.

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