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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Interests in the Digital Age

I try surprisingly hard to be interested in the things everyone else is. Not to the point of watching Dancing with the Stars or following the Kardashians (are either still a thing, I dunno) but I try. That's a mistake. Disappointed each time. That's an energy waste that's on me.
Recent attempts include:
People are into politics? Me too! But no one is interested in crowd manipulation or fundraising, the heart and brain of politics. It's not about where people poop that matters (NC potty laws) ... it's making them think it matters (crowd manipulation) for purposes of getting cash (fundraising). one cares beyond the scripted debate.
I know people in marketing, discuss that! Cool! Let's talk coding qualitative soft data gathered from open-ended questions into empirically represented, hard data points that blow your mind about what you think you know about your audience! But no, math is hard or boring or something. Your numbers suck.
Film! Everyone is into film! Find the biggest film buffs ... no again, they never heard of the very basics, Werner Herzog, Rainer Fassbinder, Alejandro G. Iñárritu and so on. (Yeah, I cut and pasted the name, I'm bad with typing accents or whatnot)
On my own. Could be worse company.

So here is some Anne-Sophie and Alfred Schnittke (pick your lonely poison - both are sexy beyond belief for anyone who remembers what "sexy is") for all the "music lovers" out there waiting for Katy Perry's next album between bickering whether Kanye is really a genius.

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