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Friday, September 2, 2016

Work, Pleasure, and Change

I look forward to the weekend holiday weekend. Some outdoor exploration, some pondering, and some writing too.

Three years ago, I was in quite a different field. Working to bring students with disabilities into STEM fields for New Mexico State University and the National Science Foundation, I ran large events, collected data, mentored students, and had a sizable staff to work with. I conducted research, and I wrote award-winning grants. I did not see myself in marketing, but at the end of the day, it is all communications, outreach, and funding stream development.

I've been very fortunate the past couple of years to work with incredible staff and management who took what I first saw as a career fall, and helped me see the amazing opportunity to learn new skills and be creative in new ways. I've learned more the past couple of years thanks to great management at WNCC and E-ONE than all the classes (and student debt) in the world could see through.

I am very happy to end the week on such a great note. Increasing digital reach for a great line of life-saving products, meeting amazing people in interviews, and yes - getting back to the desk and learning video and image editing in a real world, "live" situation.

Here is a teaser video I finished today, and a link to the full interview at YouTube. I am glad to see how well it has played for a very strong company.

Bryan Lindenberger 
works in digital content development, including over eight years in higher education and nonprofit.

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